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Anouchka Delon, To whom it may concern I am tired Tired of having to justify who.. 168
To whom it may concern, I am tired. Tired of having to justify who I am, or having to justify what I do. I am an actress. I try to do my best at what I’m best at. And I believe I do my job with all my heart ! For now, life has blessed me with the stage, and with my first movie last summer. I haven’t been in the last Ken Loach, the last Marvel movie, nor in the last James Bond. But believe me, one day, I will . I very much hope and wish for myself to be lucky enough to star in some great works with even greater directors. It will work, I know it. I trust life, i trust myself, and most of all, I trust the few people who trust me ! All the other not so well intentioned or well informed people see me only as a corny, naive, outdated “daughter of”. That is their problem ! Not mine ! But this prejudice keeps me from doing my job ! Because I’m not broken enough, not crazy enough, not cool enough, or maybe because I’m not enough of an addict ! That is sad, and most of all, too easy. I am who I am, with my flaws, and surely with a nice, naive side. I will never change who I am. I will never change where I come from. I will always be my father’s daughter. I am proud of who I am and where I come from. To those who are by my side no matter what, I love you very deeply, and to the others : “you may strategically place your wonderful lips upon my posterior and kiss it repeatedly!” ♥️ #love #always 📸 @vincentcapman

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