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Anglique - Red Raw Rose
Anglique - Red Raw Rose

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Bowens, My name is Tom mrtomharbin and I was the last admin of the Bowen.. 2
My name is Tom (@mrtomharbin) and I was the last admin of the Bowens Instagram. Bowens may be gone but I grew quite fond of the company, and I hate to see an active account go to waste. I would like to offer the fans of Bowens lighting products a chance to share their photos and videos (as well as a little shameless self-promotion to a larger audience.) I'm a graphic designer and astrophotographer (follow me, @mrtomharbin if you're into that kind of stuff.) If you want to see some more up-and-coming graphic designers, follow @colchester.graphicdesign where I study at the University Centre Colchester in the BA (Hons) Graphic Design program. Bowens is permanently closed. I have no answers, and can't offer any technical support. This is essentially an outlet for the fans and I no longer officially represent the company known as Bowens International Ltd. I will continue to monitor this account as long as I can. All the best, Mr Tom Harbin #fanpage #photography #lighting #keepthedreamalive #gonebutnotforgotten #flash #photo #graphicdesign #selfpromotion #bowens #bowensflash

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